Sarnia Watercolours - Maritime Paintings by Ian Sebire
I specialise in watercolour paintings of Ocean Liners, Cruise ships, Merchant and Naval vessels of all eras. 
Based   primarily  on  anecdotes,  my  pictures  combine  technical accuracy  with   atmospheric  settings,  reflecting a  lifelong  passion for ships and the sea. 

Prints and cards of my paintings were sold on board Cunard and Cruise & Maritime Voyages ships. 
To view examples of my pictures and the prints available to purchase please select the A3 Limited Edition and A4 signed prints pages.

To commission a painting as a special gift, or as a memento of a favourite ship or cruise, please view the Commissions page.
Thank  you  for your interest in my paintings.  If you would  like  to find out  more information  please  contact  me  at  the  e-mail  address detailed below. 
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